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Dr. Fisher's practice specializes in applied psychophysiology, which is also known as mind-body medicine.  This focus looks at how to treat the root causes of people's dysfunction.  She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with expertise in trauma, mood disorders, and addiction.  Dr. Fisher holds BCIA board certification in neurofeedback, and is a Board Certified Fellow in Clinical Hypnotherapy.  She provides treatment by telemedicine (and in-office).  Her passion is in providing science-based mental health treatments.  Her research interest is in development of protocols to reduce recidivism in opiate addiction.  Home neurofeedback with Myndlift provides a balance of technical sophistication and user friendly design with cost savings that makes this the ideal instrument to solve serious and long-standing problems at their core.  Learn more at FisherBehavior.com.

John LeMay has earned the prestigious designation of QEEGD, having analyzed more than 150,000 brain maps, or qEEGs.  He holds BCIA board certification in biofeedback, and analyzes brain maps for physicians and clinicians.  His technical expertise also includes the design and use of artificial intelligence protocols in feedback technologies.  Leading feedback corporations have employed Mr. LeMay as a beta tester for their software design.  Mr. LeMay's goal is to provide more comprehensive and accurate neurofeedback training for other physicians and therapists who wish to incorporate this technology into their practice.

The Convenience & Savings of
Neurofeedback Therapy at Home

Why Choose Home Neurofeedback?

Convenience, Cost & Speed

Home neurofeedback offers significant convenience and savings over in-office treatment.  Your results are accelerated because you can train more often!

Holistic Treatment

Prescriptions and substances have long and short-term side effects and they don't address the root causes of what has been going wrong.

Our Team Approach

We work with your psychiatrist or physician for medication management and tapering.

Anxiety Disorders and Depression

Anxiety and depression occur in the Central Nervous System.  Neurofeedback addresses any imbalances that manifest as behavioral and mood disorders.  Resolution happens automatically.


The American Academy of Pediatric Medicine has approved neurofeedback as a best treatment for ADHD.


Relapse is a lifelong issue in addiction disorders.  Brain training addresses the root imbalances that cause addiction.


What Others Are Saying

"The ER docs gave me Xanax.  I thought I was dying and they told me it was only panic.  Nobody explained to me why this has happened, or what to do about it.  The experience left me feeling crazy and vulnerable.  Now I feel  back in control of my life.  Amazing!"

-- Diane S., Santa Monica


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Robert is Lorrie's son.  This is how her involvement with neurofeedback began.  We know that there are multiple subtypes of ADD | ADHD because these are labels put on a group of brain dysregulations.  Robert's survey is for a distracted type.  Many adults weep when they read the questions for the first time.  It's a relief to be understood.

We get that all forms of this disorder involve lying to save face and some form of learned anxiety around others because of the lying and also because the way the brain is processing events leads to social rejection and certain types of failure.

While this survey reads as if it's for young people, every person burdened by this disorder has had a childhood with at least aspects of this reality.  And, at the crux of the horror of the disorder is the need to lie to survive. 


It is known that neurofeedback is as effective as medication without the side-effects. And (unlike medication) neurofeedback doesn't wear off after 8 hours.  It doesn't cause emotional numbness, stunt growth, cause anger, lead to use of street drugs and alcohol to manage side-effects, or tempt people to deal pills.


Statistics reveal that 9 million Americans with ADD | ADHD suffer more, fail more, self-medicate more, divorce more, have more car crashes and unwanted pregnancies, and even suicide more than he general population.  Why waste life when neurofeedback is available for office or home training?


1.  Are simple tasks emotionally overwhelming?  Does it seem like they will never end?

2.  Is it hard to pick out a conversation from all the other noises and activities going on?

3.  Do you have trouble connecting to people (making friends) because you miss so much of what is being said that people think you're strange?  Does this make you feel anxious around people?

4.  Do your moods change a lot during a day?

5.  Does it seem like what feels good is good?  Do your choices disappoint or hurt other people (and you)?

6.  Can you only focus on the things you love?  Do you often lose focus even on a test?

7.  Do you lie a lot because you ALWAYS forget something and don't want to get in trouble or disappoint people?

8.  Is it almost impossible to do something before you have to?  Do you tend to work out of fear?

9.  Do you find that the thing you're doing and the thing you're thinking about are rarely the same thing?

10.  Do people often come at you with reminders, lists, and help getting ready?

Does this survey describe you?  If it does, neurofeedback is considered a "best practices" solution by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  [If you're an adult, it's not too late!] 

Isn't it worth at least asking some questions?  A consult is complimentary.  


How to Get Started

My Brain Balance provides telemedicine.  You will be able to control your schedule and you will have significant savings over in-office treatment.  At-home Neurofeedback is tailored to your brain map, monitored and adjusted from our office, and billed monthly.  

Although it is optional, some clients prefer to begin with neurocognitive testing, genetic testing, and biofeedback.  These may be recommended to help your brain get a more stable footing and to shorten the term of neurofeedback.  Neurocognitive testing can be done on any computer at home.  Genetic testing also takes place at home.  We work with a holistic psychiatrist from UCLA who provides care based on genetic testing via telemedicine.  We also partner with a team of genetic counselors who provide online services if desired.  We will also work with your treating professionals, if you prefer.

Appointment Forms

After your free consult, please fill and submit the No Surprises Practice Policies and the Adult Intake Form or Pediatric Intake Form (these are currently available only on a laptop or desktop).  Add the Substance Supplement if it's relevant.  Then text or call to set your appointment for a brain study.  If you are out of area, we can help you arrange for a closer practitioner to gather the data which we will then analyze and generate a treatment plan.  If you have scheduled a Brain Map (qEEG) appointment, please fill and submit the Preparation & Information form.

Learn more about in-office therapies and feedback technologies at FisherBehavior.com. 


Home Neurofeedback 

Our office will conduct a brain map (QEEG) test for local or visiting clients.  (Weekends are available.)  If you prefer, we will help you identify a competent local practitioner to conduct the study.  We analyze the study.  Some clients request a follow-up brain study for comparison purposes; we can provide rechecks at a reduced cost.

Once the analyst has reviewed your Brain Map (qEEG), and the decision is made to do neurofeedback at home, you will be provided with the equipment needed, and the equipment will arrive pre-programmed to your training requirements.  The equipment will be on loan to you with the condition that you neither add nor remove any programs.  The equipment is strictly to be used for neurofeedback, and for no other purpose.  There is no charge for the training equipment (except for actual shipping charges), however there is a minimum monthly training supervision fee of $290 (covers 2 hours of supervision). You will also be charged $100 for your high quality sensors (we save you money by buying in bulk) -- these can't be shared, and are yours to keep.  A credit card is kept on file to cover equipment loss or damage.  There is a maximum liability of $900 for lost or damaged equipment.  It is not expected that there will be any charge for loaned equipment that is returned in good condition.Please complete this Equipment Loan form to begin home training.


The transition to you managing home sessions independently is gradual.  Home training will be more expensive at first, depending upon how many real-time sessions are initially supervised by Dr. Fisher and or our technician.  The transition depends on when you and Dr. Fisher are both comfortable with your proficiency.  Most families are doing independent training by the end of the first month, some within a week..  


All of your home sessions will be transmitted to Fisher Behavior for review, and your protocols will be managed remotely.   


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